Chapter 6 – Authentic Christians

Who do you say I am?

Psalm 139
Song – Change my heart o God
Who do you say I am?
Song – Man in the mirror
Who do you say I am?
Song – Who am I?

A broken crucifix

St Theresa of Avila
The prayer of St Francis

Song – Christ has no body but yours

The Man-God with us

The last supper
The Eucharist

The acts of mercy

Prayer as a way to seek counsel from God
On the way to school
A kindness boomerang
The right of education for all
Song – The Millenium Prayer
St Martin of Tours
Pope Francis washes the feet of prisoners

The power of the Trinity in the life of the Christian

The nine extraordinary gifts of the Holy Spirit

The baptism of Jesus

What breaks my relationship with God

The seven grave sins
Grave sins – Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

I grow in faith

St Francis of Assisi
St John Mary Vianney
Song – Love the Lord your God
St Joseph of Cupertino
The presentation of Jesus in the temple
The greatest commandment

I commit myself to help society

The beatitudes
Busy city with busy people
The sermon on the mount