About Us

The Office of Religious Education within the Maltese Episcopal Conference was set up in 2022 to oversee the teaching of Religious Education in Malta and Gozo. Religious Education is an academic subject taught in State, Church and Independent Schools from Year 1 to Year 11. It seeks to bring together the two worlds of Religion and of Education in an interdisciplinary relationship aimed at the holistic development of students. It is through this rich relation that students benefit the most, making Religious Education a subject which does not seek to indoctrinate students but helps them to:

  • discover the richness of religion in the social culture which they live
  • uncover the splendour of other persons who adhere to other religions and to different ways of expressing the faith
  • become aware of the potential of living one’s life guided by one’s faith
  • unearth their hidden capacity to make informed moral choices
  • acknowledge that Religious Education is not just for exams and certificates but it is a life-long journey of discovery of the Self in relation to God, to others and to the created world.

The Team