Chapter 4 – Different World Religions

How do we look at other religions?



The Jewish Shabbat
The difference between the Torah and the Talmud
The story of Judaism
The Passover Seder
The Torah

What do I believe as a Christian?

What is Christianity?
What is Catholicism?
Why be a Catholic and not just Christian?


The story of Islam
Islam – Q&A
What is the Holy Quran?
What is the difference between the Shia and the Sunni?
Prophet Muhammad Stories for Kids 2
The Five Pillars of Islam – 1
The Hajj
The Ramadan – 2
How did Islam begin?
The family of the Prophet Muhammad
The little story of Hijrah
Prophet Muhammad Stories for Kids 1
Prophet Muhammad Stories for Kids 3
The Five Pillars of Islam – 2
The Ramadan – 1


10 unique facts about Hinduism
Brahma – Vishnu – Shiva
The Hindu belief system of Dharma
The law of Kharma
The Vedas
Hinduism – the world’s oldest religion
The Hindu Caste System
The ways of Moksha


What is Buddhism?
The spirit of Buddhism
The Pali Canon
The wheel of Samsara
The Buddha
The enlightenment of the Buddha
Spiritual enlightenment – the law of Karma

Does everybody suffer?

A Jewish response to suffering
A Christian response to suffering
Why does Allah allow evil and suffering?
Does Judaism believe in heaven and hell?
Christian belief in the afterlife
What happens to a Muslim soul after death?

Hinduism and Buddhism – the answer to the problem of evil and suffering and of life after death

Hinduism – why does God allow suffering?
Buddhism and pain and suffering
Bhagavad Gita – what happens when we die?
Buddhist views about death and the afterlife